The time has arrived…

It is with great pleasure that we announce the re-opening of the Bendigo Stadium.


  • From the 22nd June, elite teams will commence indoor training. The athletes will be able to re-enter the courts and get back to work after many months outside mastering their craft
  • On the 1st July, the Bendigo Stadium Bistro and Sports Bar will be opening the doors to our loyal members and guests to once again enjoy our hospitality experiences
  • General court bookings will be available as of the 1st July
  • The 13th July will bring upon the start of the Domestic Basketball Competition for Juniors only, and the 20th July will see the return of the adults to the court
  • We still await the return to Domestic Volleyball Competition and we promise we will communicate to all once the date becomes realised


Our team has been incredible during this period of temporary closure. We have implemented many safety measures across the entire venue, so your next visit is a comforted experience.

We value our people, we value our members, and we value every person who walks through our doors whether it is for community sport, a hospitality experience, or to attend an event.

We have taken this time to reflect and create positive change. Change you will be amazed to see, and you will have to see for yourself.

Our venue is here for the community and always will be. Without the community’s undivided support and presence, there is no Bendigo Stadium. Therefore, we implore you all to come back to the Bendigo Stadium and see the positive change our team has been working amazingly hard to enhance your experiences.

We will not be complacent and will never undervalue the importance of good hygiene practices to minimise the risk of COVID19 from this day forward. Our team understands the leadership role we play within the community to set the standard of a friendly safe environment for all.

There is a new norm, a new future, and a new direction right here at the Bendigo Stadium.

Looking forward to moving forward in strength with you



Nathan O’Neill

Chief Executive Officer

Bendigo Stadium Limited